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Domestic Partners

Massachusetts Domestic Partners Lawyer

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has led the way in establishing rights for same-sex couples. This has given rise to new areas of law that incorporate established family law into new situations. Such law continues to evolve, making it important to consult with an attorney who is aware of changes and developments in family law as it applies to domestic partners or same-sex married couples.

Unmarried couples can secure their rights

State laws that apply to same-sex married couples are the same as for any married couple. However, if a couple — either gay or straight — remains unmarried, it is important for the partners to consider their legal status. Married people have rights that unmarried couples do not possess. However, unmarried couples can provide themselves and each other with rights through contracts and other documents.

Worcester Attorney - Addressing a broad range of domestic partner legal challenges

Attorney Elaine Gordon provides legal services that can protect domestic partners in matters such as:

  • Home ownership through joint or tenants-in-common title to property
  • Health care insurance issues
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Property settlements
  • Health care directives
  • Powers of attorney

Providing clients with legal security

Family courts have no jurisdiction over contracts between unmarried individuals. Such agreements, if correctly drafted, are valid and enforceable, whether or not the parties are married in other courts. Resolving these issues can provide individuals a level of security that was previously available only to those in traditional marriages.

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