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Worcester Modifications Lawyer

Even after final judgments are issued, the legal process of divorce can continue. Massachusetts law allows for modifications of orders for child support, alimony, child custody and visitation. The court will consider such petitions when there has been a substantial or material change in the circumstances of the parties affected by the order. Such matters can become complex when they arise in the context of high earning capacities, high alimony payments and complex financial scenarios.

If you seek to modify orders or if you need to contest modification efforts, it is important to have an attorney with the experience and knowledge needed to protect your rights. Attorney Elaine Gordon has handled hundreds of modification matters. She represents clients' interests effectively throughout any modification proceeding.

Changes that can lead to modifications in Massachusetts

Typical issues that can lead to a petition to modify or to contest the modification of an order of support, custody or visitation include:

  • Relocation of one spouse to another jurisdiction
  • Remarriage
  • Moving or hiding assets
  • Alienation of a child's affection
  • Child abuse
  • Job changes that result in changes in income or work schedules
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Loss of employment
  • Mental health issues
  • Interference with parental rights

Developments such as these and others can affect child support, alimony, visitation and custody.

Investigating issues around modifications

Attorney Gordon will review the matter to arrive at the truth of the situation after consulting with experts whenever necessary. She and the firm's experienced investigators will review tax records, consult with child psychologists and medical specialists and determine the impact of the modification on the client's interests and rights.

Using the best method to achieve the client's goals

If you and your former spouse largely agree on how terms should be modified, mediation may be an option. Attorney Gordon is a certified mediator and can facilitate the development of a joint modification petition. However, the goal is always the best interests of the client. Attorney Gordon uses whatever method is most likely to achieve the desired result in a modification contest, whether that is a trial, mediation or negotiation.

Contact Massachusetts Attorney Gordon

If you have questions regarding modifications, contact Attorney Elaine Gordon. Call her at 508.762.4633.