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Petitions to Establish Paternity, Custody and Visitation

Massachusetts Paternity Actions Lawyer

The typical paternity action involves either a mother who seeks financial support for a child or who wishes to establish their right to visitation or custody. Married or unmarried parents have the same rights and obligations regarding children. An unmarried father is required to support his child. He is also entitled to play a role in the life of his child.

Protecting the rights of both men and women

A simple DNA test can resolve questions about paternity, give men access to their children and result in a child support order. These tests can also protect men against false allegations of paternity.

Attorney Elaine Gordon has handled many paternity matters. She provides sound legal counsel to men and women seeking to verify paternity. As new family types emerge, she has established paternity, child custody and child visitation rights for numerous people who are facing a broad range of circumstances.

Examples of paternity issues

Typical issues in paternity cases include:

  • A man challenging a paternity claim
  • A woman seeking child support
  • A man seeking access to his children

Parental rights in unmarried partnerships

Parental rights may also be an issue in partnerships when one party is known to be unrelated but has played a parental role in the life of a partner's child. Parental rights for people in same-sex or unmarried straight relationships may be established based on the connection with the child.

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