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Prenuptial Agreements

Worcester, MA Attorney
Experienced Lawyer for Massachusetts Prenuptial Agreements

In some cases, contentious issues arising during a divorce could have been prevented by a strong prenuptial agreement. Such an agreement can protect the assets that one party brings to a marriage. It can also preserve inheritances for the children of a previous marriage. It can sequester appreciated assets from marital property.

A Massachusetts attorney experienced with complex prenuptial agreements

When drafting prenuptial agreements, it is important to have a lawyer with experience preparing prenuptial agreements that can be enforced and that stand the test of time. Attorney Elaine Gordon has drafted strong prenuptial agreements that have succeeded in protecting her clients' interests. She also reviews agreements to be certain that her clients' rights are protected. She understands the need for full disclosure and has the resources to verify financial information provided by the parties.

A prenuptial agreement can lessen future stress

In addition to protecting assets, prenuptial agreements can dictate future financial arrangements in the event of a divorce. Attorney Gordon has drafted many prenuptial agreements that cover issues such as spousal support and asset division - matters that are often not addressed until a marriage ends. Handling such issues in advance can mean that a divorce can be less contentious.

Who needs a prenuptial agreement?

People entering second marriages are particularly likely to benefit from a prenuptial agreement. Such people have often accumulated significant assets, have older children and wish to protect the financial interests of those children. In addition, a prenuptial agreement can be helpful in any marriage where there is a great disparity between the parties in their relative wealth.

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