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Property Settlements

Massachusetts Property Settlement Lawyer

Property settlements are often contentious when the divorce involves significant wealth and property. It is important for people to protect their rights and assets by consulting with an attorney who understands the process and its consequences.

After a prenuptial agreement

Attorney Elaine Gordon protects clients' property rights during divorce and has been doing so for more than 30 years. She drafts strong prenuptial agreements that determine how property is to be divided in the event of a divorce. She also has the knowledge and resources needed to provide clients with the results they need during a contested property settlement.

Determining the value of property and assets

One way of ensuring that a property settlement is correct is to determine the true extent of assets. This can be done by:

  • Conducting business valuation and appraisal, including corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships
  • Evaluating true and accurate incomes, including the incomes of business owners and the self-employed
  • Evaluating the value of brand names and goodwill
  • Resolving property valuation
  • Resolving issues relating to the attribution of income
  • Evaluating vocational abilities and determining earning capacity
  • Analyzing tax returns and uncovering hidden assets
  • Attaching wages
  • Valuing future benefits and pensions
  • Dividing stock options

Using experts and investigators

The full evaluation of marital assets can quickly become complicated. Although the full disclosure of assets is mandatory, partial disclosure is common. It is often necessary to work with investigators who are skilled in uncovering hidden assets and income. The office consults with forensic accountants and expert business valuators to develop a complete picture of the assets under consideration.

Contact Worcester Attorney Gordon

If you have any questions about property settlement, contact Attorney Elaine Gordon. Call her at 508.762.4633.