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Removals and Relocations of Minor Children

Child Relocation Lawyer

Massachusetts courts require that a parent demonstrate that there is a "real advantage" for a custodial parent to remove a child from the state. It requires a skilled advocate to prove the client's real advantage to the court and that it is in best interest of the child to relocate. It also requires extensive knowledge of the law to effectively handle these cases.

A Massachusetts attorney with success in removal and relocation cases

Attorney Elaine Gordon has a strong record of success in child relocation cases. She has helped people across Massachusetts remove their child from the Commonwealth to states such as California and Arizona, obtaining favorable court judgments. One reason for her success is her thorough understanding of the law and of the varying standards used to prove relocation actions. For example, it is harder to remove a child when a joint custody order is in place.

Another reason for her ability to prevail in relocation matters is her personal experience acting as a guardian ad litem. She knows the information that the court-appointed guardian ad litem will seek when investigating a relocation matter. Guardians ad litem often examine issues regarding schools in the proposed new location, housing and the ability to ensure the child's continued relationship with the other parent after removal.

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When seeking removal or relocation, the court will look for a real advantage to the child. An experienced lawyer can help develop the argument for relocation. Contact Worcester Attorney Elaine Gordon to discuss any relocation issues. Call 508.762.4633.